Properly Utilize Resources for Every Type of Emergency

Many emergency services are overwhelmed by an influx of calls that stretch resources to the point of system collapse. If your department is one of those, there are ways to help you implement new EMS solutions that help when your department is...

  • Understaffed
  • Dealing with a high call demand
  • Too restrictive with call triage protocols to utilize alternative resources for 911 response
  • Antiquated deployment strategies
  • Facing fiscal challenges

Alternative response models, 911 emergency call triage techniques and dispatch systems can make your emergency medical system more productive, which in turn will help you reach more patients with the right level of care. Learn more by calling 833-799-1234.

A Better way to manage Low Acuity Calls

911 Emergency Triage

Streamlining the triage and dispatch process so dispatchers can better assess the situation and offer alternative options for low-acuity patients which ensure patients receive the right type of care. Then, a 911 triage system can order the right type of medical transportation for the caller as needed. This will allow your team more time to respond to more urgent calls.

Challenges other EMS systems are facing today